Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile – Gives beauty pageants a whole new meaning.

Beyond the Divide – A film that brings veterans and the peace movement together. – An Asia Pacific Online Film Library that includes independent films from the entire Asian spectrum.

Seventh Art Releasing – Since 1994, Seventh Art has been distributing award-winning independent and foreign films domestically and abroad to bring unique films to the widest possible audience.

New Day Films – Socially conscious, advocacy-based documentary filmmaker collective/distributor

Welcome Change Productions
Academy Award nominated director Alice Elliott makes short documentaries about people with disabilities.

Deep Focus Productions
Award-winning filmmaker Arthur Dong

What’s the Matter With Kansas – Based on the Thomas Frank’s best-seller, What’s the Matter with Kansas? shows how Kansas transformed from an outpost of radicalism to a bastion of hard-core conservatism.

Freedom Machines
See how access to technology changes the whole meaning of “disability”.

Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women
PBS American Masters documentary that explores the rich background of one of our most celebrated authors.

In Good Conscience – Out of the Blue Films
Barbara Rick’s award-winning documentary follows an usual heroine – a Catholic nun fighting for gay rights!

Center for Asian American Media

Fisher Brothers Media

Reframe Collection – Reframe is bringing together and giving due love to rare independent and alternative films, helping many become commercially available for the very first time.

Creating social change through films and community organizing.

Checkerboard Film Foundation
Checkerboard documents, through the medium of film and video, individuals who have made important contributions to the American Arts.

Ellen Bruno Films
Award-winning documentaries by Ellen Bruno on Tibet, Cambodia, and Burma.

Outcast Films
Outcast Films is a film distribution company dedicated to the fair and equal representation of media made by or about the diverse Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community.

Global Film Network
A look at intercultural life for the mixed children of American and Japanese parents, post WWII through today.

Randi Cecchine
Randi Cecchine’s films focus on the connection between personal experience and cultural development.

The Gillian Film
A documentary film about an independent, developmentally disabled daughter, and the mother who struggles with her leaving the nest.

Absolutely Safe
ABSOLUTELY SAFE takes a personal approach to the controversy over breast implant safety through the stories of everyday women who find themselves and their breasts in the tangled and confusing intersection of health, money, science, and beauty.

Zohe Films
Filmmaker Jennifer Fox “passes the camera” for 5 years and 17 countries to create a groundbreaking dialogue about how women define themselves in the 21st century.

Shelter Dogs
An intimate look at the ethical life-and-death decisions made by an animal shelter in upstate New York.

Vito After – Dreamslate Productions
A Brooklyn homicide detective who bravely helped others on 9/11 spent months sifting through toxic rubble searching for those who perished. An intimate portrait of a selfless cop and devoted family man who now faces an uncertain future.

Golden Venture – Hillcrest Films
A global epic, a story of stoic perseverance and unexpected grace, played out in the shadow of national politics and the continuing failure of ever-harsher U.S. immigration policies.

AndersonGold Films
Every Mother’s Son is the story of three women – Iris Baez, Kadiatou Diallo and Doris Busch Boskey – whose sons were killed by police officers and who have transformed their personal tragedy into an opportunity for profound social change.

Without Apology – Oneeyed-Cat Productions
Susan Hamovitch attempts to reclaim her family’s past, finding, in the process, a tangle of family shame, social history, and ultimately a new, unique relationship with her severely autistic brother.