Energized Films has organized, programmed, and participated in events and panel discussions for academic organizations, including the Association of College and Research Librarians (ACRL) and the Consortium of College and University Media Centers (CCUMC). I am a member of the American Library Association, and its Video Round Table.

References to my clients are available upon request.

MIT event that was a collaboration between the Women Studies department and the Student Disability Services division:

An introductory article I did about educational distribution for IndieWire’s Hope For Film Blog:
Tapping Into Educational Distribution

Another entry, to encourage multiple paths to stream media and enlarge audience:

Streaming Educational Media

A two-part article I did about self-distribution for Shooting People:
A Primer on Non-Theatrical Distribution

Brief FAQs of self-distribution (or what you should have prepared to move forward):

1. In creating a DVD provide 5-7 minute chapters. Don’t randomly pick the timing, use whole thought segments.

2. Secure disability accessibility features such as closed (or open) captioning and audio descriptions.

3. Prepare to process orders in any way convenient for customers – be it check, purchase order, or credit card.

4. Have multiple format options for delivery, including DVD, streaming, digital download, or the right to access from a central server.

5. Include good artwork and a clear synopsis in your professionally made materials for presentation.

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