Connecting indies to community – January 2008

Hello everyone and welcome to 2008!

As many of you might realize, the end of the year tends to be fairly slow, so I didn’t want to toss a newsletter into the internet universe that people would only ignore in a rush for that special gift, or drink.

I can report, however, that I am now assisting with the following new film:, a new film (which aired on PBS) that deals with the rather difficult disability – acquired and genetic – of Dystonia, a neurological problem that results in your muscles doing something different than you thought you were telling them to do.

Alice Elliott‘s film Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy continued the festival route this month, where it played the Palm Springs Film Festival. It was also the co-recipient of this year’s TASH Image Award. You can communicate with the subjects, Diana & Kathy, by visiting and learn more about Alice’s work as a whole by

On a personal front, my latest short film – Loose Ends – will be playing in the Emerging Filmmakers Series run at the Little Theatre of Rochester, on March 31, so that’s very exciting. There is a short Q&A afterwards, so that is always a wonderful experience. If you know anyone in that area, spread the word!

Instead of doing an article this month, as I did for my first mass email in November (which I will continue but nothing has been that serious/deep focused this year yet outside of primaries), I thought I would share 2 bits of interesting information.

The first is simply funny and a nice difference from your normal spam. One of my previous roommates, and a talented cinematographer I have worked with several times, have teamed up to “live in IKEA” for a week. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s worth a moment’s distraction. Seriously, go to

The second is that I came across a notice in another listserv that I thought people might want to contribute to. I must state that I do not know this person and they have not asked me to include this. I merely read it and thought it a good cause:

Dr. Edna Tulloch, Director of the Bio-Ethic Family Living Institute based in Atlanta , GA runs/hosts a public access TV show called ‘Re-education in the 21st Century.’ Her hour long show focuses on alternative education systems and methods. She is in danger of losing her show after a number of years, as she is in need of content. Is anyone out there looking for a venue to screen material?
Please contact:
Charlotte Ingles, CEO – PTV Inc.
Phone number – 404-873-6712 ext. 201

In conclusion, as a wonderful, productive new year begins, please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think could find use for the information provided in these monthly emails. Also, if you ever want a previous newsletter sent to you (so far there has only been one) I also keep copies.

Thanks very much and hope you had a fantastic holiday season!