In the Family Way

In the Family Way When independent overachiever Belinda finds out she’s pregnant, being unmarried is the least of her problems. She doesn’t plan to announce the news when she visits home for her mother’s birthday. But a simple undrunken glass of wine ends up unraveling the rosy image she has presented to her family.

(clockwise) Amelia Fowler, Ylana Kellar, Jim Willis, Tobin Tyler, Enga Davis, credit Miranda Delgado

An amazing article about this project written by Dr. Alison McMahan:
In the Directing Way

Screening at the Portobello Film Festival in London September 2013!

Screening at the Pan African Film Festival in February 2013!


Belinda – Ylana Kellar
Steve – Tobin Tyler
Rose – Amelia Fowler
Marcy – Enga Davis
Rob – James Willis
Alexandra – Samantha Marine
Dog – Mason

Director/Producer – Rachel Gordon
Associate Producer – Susan Adriensen
Writer – Nadine Graham
Director of Photography – Marialuisa Ramirez-Ernst
Sound Recordist/Mixer (VA) – Rick Gray, Miranda Delgado
Sound Recordist/Mixer (NY) – Anthony Viera
Assistant Camera – Luis Armada
Gaffer – Meg Schrock
Grip – Kate Schrock
Camera Assistant – Margaret Sclafani
Assistant Director/Production Coordinator (VA) – Damien Scott
Make-Up Artist – Barbara Whitchurch (VA), Lynda Lane (NY)
Production Assistants – Mobeen Akram, Miranda Delgado, Arlene Carpel, Richard Carpel, Nadine Graham
Editor: Yvette Wojciechowski


Ylana Kellar – Ylana, Actor In the Family Way

Amelia Fowler – Amelia Fowler, Actor Writing on the Wall, Loose Ends, In the Family Way

Tobin Tyler – Tobin Tyler, Actor In the Family Way

Jim Willis – Jim Willis, Actor In the Family Way